Perk Eye

    • A temporary treatment to the under-eye area with no downtime
    • Included in your service are a take-home eye serum and masks for an even better experience
    • Helps you wake up looking less tired and more bright-eyed
    • Perk eye is available for men

In Birmingham, MI you can get younger-looking eyes with perk eye


You deserve to feel confident about your appearance and we want you to. That’s why, at Blooming Beauty in Bloomfield, MI, we offer the new Perk Eye Treatments for under-eye puffiness and dark circles in just 15 minutes with little or no downtime. If you’re looking for an innovative solution that refreshes your outer-eye area with key ingredients like horse chestnut seed extract and arnica flower extract, the HydraFacial Perk Eye treatment is a great option.

Learn why celebs love perk eyes, right here in Birmingham, MI

This particular aesthetician appointment lasts just 30 minutes but can still give you one of the best eye treatments on the market today. Plus, it’s been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around your eyes by up to 75% in as little as three weeks!

Perk eye is a quick and easy treatment to awaken the delicate eye area. This perk will make eyes bright, perk up your day and perk you up! Whether or not you’ve started noticing signs of aging already – this refreshing facial will have them going away in no time at all. So if a few fine lines are starting to show themselves or maybe dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep, come visit us today!

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    What is perk treatment by HydraFacial?

    An HydraFacial is a perfect way to achieve healthy, glowing skin. It’s an innovative medical-grade facial that cleanses and hydrates your skin while clearing out pores. You can expect to see results in as little as 45 minutes! If you want to treat yourself or someone special, this is the ultimate gift idea. It’s time for your best face ever! Say goodbye to dryness and redness because this treatment will leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth all day long. With just one visit, you can have beautiful skin again without any downtime or recovery period needed. What are you waiting for? Book now!

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    What is a perk eye treatment?

    The Perk Eye Treatment is the perfect way to treat the delicate skin around your eyes. It includes a take-home eye serum, 2 eye masks, and an under-eye treatment that will leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated. With ingredients like arnica, green tea, citric acid, peptides – this treatment is gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. You’ll be able to see results in just one session! Get ready for a brighter and more smooth eye area with less puffiness or dark circles after just one visit! This service includes everything you need for a full experience including take-home products so you can continue on your journey of beauty at home too. Don’t wait any longer – get started today! 

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    Is HydraFacial good for under eyes?

    Yes, it is one of our best seller treatments. HydraFacial perk eye treatment can help your skin look its best by gently exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal newer, healthier ones beneath the surface. The treatment also cleanses pores and extracts impurities while hydrating the complexion for a healthy glow that lasts all day long! If you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated without any downtime then book yourself into one of our HydraFacial treatments today!

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    How does an eye perk feel?

    You will feel a pleasant tingling sensation as this perk is applied under the eyes. Then you will experience a softening feeling immediately after perk has been removed. The eye area will feel completely refreshed, toned, and revitalized.  We will first apply several serums to help stimulate collagen, smooth your fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The facial also includes special glycolic or salicylic peels that optimize results even further! If you want to treat acne as well, you can receive another HydraFacial add-on with deep extraction massages for rebalancing and disinfecting your skin on top of blue light therapy which kills bacteria at a deeper level than UV lights do.

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    Who is a good candidate for a HydraFacial?

    A Hydrafacial® is a gentle, yet effective skin treatment that can be used for pretty much anyone. It will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed with an even tone. If you are interested in this procedure don’t hesitate to contact us at our office or book an appointment online so we can get started right away! We want to make sure you have the ultimate experience when it comes to dealing with any skin or acne issues.

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    What is a HydraFacial and how much does it cost?

    Hydrafacial is a procedure that cleanses and exfoliates the skin by using a specialized handheld device and serum to cleanse your skin of impurities. It will leave your skin looking and feeling clean, refreshed, and smooth after treatment. You are going to notice that your skin tone is much more even and smooth. Anyone can be a good candidate for this treatment because it can be used on clients with any type or color of skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin then the Hydrafacial might also work well for you or if you’re experiencing acne or another issue like rosacea then there’s no need to wait! The average cost is $175 but since we have a holistic approach to beauty, when you come to our spa, we will only charge for what your skin type needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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    Do eye perks work on men?

    Absolutely! Although it is more common for women to obtain this procedure, many men also undergo eye perks. All of Blooming Beauty treatments work equally well for both men and women.


What They Say

“I had the most AMAZING experience at Blooming Beauty Med Spa. They strive to make sure your visit is perfect and relaxing. I LOVE this place because of the personnel. Highly recommend Michelle! My skin is glowing since my facial! Throughout my experience, Michelle and Darlene were there for me and made sure I was relaxed and comfortable! Can’t wait to go back!!”

– Ashley Arafat

What a wonderful experience! The ladies were sweet, knowledgeable, and made me feel right at home. I got a facial with Michelle and I was so relaxed, and my skin glowed for days. I can’t wait until my next facial.”

– Vana Samuel

“Beautiful office and wonderful customer service! Dr. Dalaly and the whole staff made me feel right at home – not to mention I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you!”

– Natasha Baccari

“Dr. Dalaly and his team are beyond professional, kind and thoughtful in their approach. I had so many questions before going in for my first Medpsa experience but they walked me through every question I had and eased my stresses, from whether injectables are painful to how long they last to what a good long-term strategy would be for my ideal skincare routine. LOVE the gorgeous space too!”

– Kayla Borgen

“I discovered Blooming Beauty a few months ago through Instagram. My first appointment was for a hydrafacial. I’ve had many different kinds of facials throughout the years but this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend this service- your skin will feel brand new! I’ve also had the teeth whitening done. It was an easy 20 min appointment that brightened my teeth. Overall I’m very satisfied with this med spa and the professionalism of the staff!”

– Nicole Jarecz