Chest Rejuvenation

    • The #1 non-surgical skin tightening treatment in the USA
    • Clinical studies prove that HA tightens and restores collagen to refresh your chest – in just an hour!
    • Our special therapies target deep lines on the neck, chest, and underarm areas.
    • Chest rejuvenation is also available for men

Deep hydration for a firmer rejuvenated chest in Birmingham, MI


Fine lines and wrinkles can be sneaky. They like to sneak up on the face, neck, cleavage, and chest area so that you may not notice them until they have already had their way with your skin in these areas. At Blooming Beauty Med Spa we make sure those fine lines don’t get any further than a few inches away from where Dr. Dalaly will expertly treat our patients’ necks and chests because it’s important for everyone to look as gorgeous as possible no matter what clothes they are wearing or when they wear them!

Natural results with a chest rejuvenation in Birmingham, MI

One of the most common areas on a woman’s body that are often neglected and cause many aging changes is the female chest. This V-neck area can be subject to sun damage, environmental exposure, and gravity causing brown pigmentation, wrinkles, skin laxity, precancerous spots.

To address these problems we have introduced Laser and light procedures. These include IPL photo facials and photodynamic therapy that can reduce brown pigmentation and enhance collagen growth to tighten skin laxity in this area. We offer several different treatment options depending on each patient’s needs such as our signature Blooming Beauty chest rejuvenation.

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    What is decolletage rejuvenation?

    Daring to bare your décolletage and show off those arms you work on all year long can be done after all! Call us today to thoroughly assess the décolletage for any signs of aging, as these areas are more vulnerable than other parts. The best course of treatment available will depend on what has been found in this assessment. We are experts at this kind of rejuvenation!

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    What is the best treatment for chest wrinkles?

    Hydrating dermal fillers may be used if there appears no sign that skin elasticity is lacking; however, fractional laser therapy should always follow an area’s resurfacing with intense pulsed light treatments when possible since it stimulates collagen production better than anything else out there (better yet – do both!).

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    Why should one try chest rejuvenation?

    Most people are unhappy with the way their skin has aged. They want to look younger, but they don’t have time or money for plastic surgery. At Blooming Beauty, we use micro-needling technology to improve chest contours and restore volume lost due to aging while also reducing acne scars left behind by acne breakouts from years ago. It works quickly, effectively, and safely with minimal downtime because no lasers are involved!

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    What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid fillers in chest rejuvenation?

    Having hyaluronic acid fillers injected into the skin, one will enjoy a more youthful appearance in the short term and experience improvements to their skin over time. Even if your filler injections are eventually broken down and require replacement treatment sessions less often than before, you may still benefit from increased collagen production during this period which is key to maintaining healthy-looking skin. We hope to demystify some of these misconceptions surrounding how long it takes for wrinkles or sagging to return after receiving injectable treatments such as Botox or Juvederm, so you can make an informed decision about whether cosmetic injection therapy is right for you. Call us today!

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    Will Restylane work for chest wrinkles?

    Yes, it works wonders for our patients. You’ll be back on your A-game in no time with this age-defying treatment. Your chest will look years younger, so you can wear shirts that are cut outrageously low without worrying about old acne scars and other natural improvements.

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    Can I get Botox on my chest?

    Botox injections can help your lines seem less pronounced. But unlike injections on the face, they are only modestly effective in reducing wrinkles in the chest and last for no more than a month.

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    Why is my chest so wrinkly?

    The skin on the chest and cleavage is very thin. Deep hydration treatments will improve firmness, elasticity, and smoothness so that this part of your body looks softer and smoother. A progressive rejuvenating treatment with natural-looking results visible after one session but we may recommend a course of three treatments spaced two to four weeks apart for fresher looking skin or for people who are experiencing sun damage only. Restylane offers products within their range tailored towards different needs like younger, mature, or sun-damaged skin types – all with the same long-lasting effects as deep tissue injections which might be more appropriate if you’re prone to allergies or have sensitive skin.

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    How can I make my chest look younger?

    At Blooming Beauty we have the perfect products that stimulate the dermal production of collagen and other skin supportive molecules such as elastin and hyaluronic acid. These products thicken your chest skin that will no longer look thinning and wrinkling. You will also notice a much-improved texture and maybe some color changes if you are looking for that. Call us today and we will book you an appointment!

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    Will Restylane Silk work for chest rejuvenation?

    Yes, it will do wonders! Have you been looking for a way to make your chest look smoother and more youthful? Restylane Silk is the latest innovation in cosmetic injectables. It’s made with hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the skin. This makes it perfect for smoothing out wrinkles on your chest that come from aging or weight fluctuations. The best part about this new product is that it doesn’t require surgery or injections into muscle tissue as other treatments do – making it safe and easy for anyone who wants a quick fix without any pain or recovery time! Get started today by scheduling an appointment at our office!

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    Does chest rejuvenation work on men?

    Absolutely! Although it is more common for women to obtain this procedure, many men also undergo chest rejuvenation. All of Blooming Beauty treatments work equally well for both men and women.


What They Say

“I had the most AMAZING experience at Blooming Beauty Med Spa. They strive to make sure your visit is perfect and relaxing. I LOVE this place because of the personnel. Highly recommend Michelle! My skin is glowing since my facial! Throughout my experience, Michelle and Darlene were there for me and made sure I was relaxed and comfortable! Can’t wait to go back!!”

– Ashley Arafat

What a wonderful experience! The ladies were sweet, knowledgeable, and made me feel right at home. I got a facial with Michelle and I was so relaxed, and my skin glowed for days. I can’t wait until my next facial.”

– Vana Samuel

“Beautiful office and wonderful customer service! Dr. Dalaly and the whole staff made me feel right at home – not to mention I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you!”

– Natasha Baccari

“Dr. Dalaly and his team are beyond professional, kind and thoughtful in their approach. I had so many questions before going in for my first Medpsa experience but they walked me through every question I had and eased my stresses, from whether injectables are painful to how long they last to what a good long-term strategy would be for my ideal skincare routine. LOVE the gorgeous space too!”

– Kayla Borgen

“I discovered Blooming Beauty a few months ago through Instagram. My first appointment was for a hydrafacial. I’ve had many different kinds of facials throughout the years but this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend this service- your skin will feel brand new! I’ve also had the teeth whitening done. It was an easy 20 min appointment that brightened my teeth. Overall I’m very satisfied with this med spa and the professionalism of the staff!”

– Nicole Jarecz