Facial Treatments

  • Facial treatments have a lot of upsides: they stimulate blood flow, soften skin, encourages new skin growth and remove dead skin
  • You can get help with acne and rehydrate your skin
  • A professional facial treatment cures dry skin and maintains your face healthy and young
  • Facial treatments are available for men

The perfect facial treatments in Birmingham, MI


We are committed to giving you that natural look with all facial treatments made with safety and comfort for mind. We know you’re looking for that flawless natural beauty so our team uses only the finest products on market. Blooming Beauty is a full service medical spa in Bloomfield MI that offers botox, dermal fillers, hydrafacial and microneedling and so much more! We have been in business for over 10 years and are one of the most trusted providers in all of Michigan.

At Birmingham Beauty we are experts at facial treatments!

Dr Dalaly is a board certified general surgeon who has 14 years of experience with injectables. Michelle Shaba, master aesthetician at Blooming Beauty, specializes in skin care- including facials and makeup application. Our doctors take time to ensure they understand exactly what you want before doing anything more than necessary which is why everyone leaves feeling as their best self.

Our revolutionary treatment is the future of beauty: it vacuums out pores and leaves your skin hydrated and radiant. The HydraFacial will clean your skin of all dirt, oil, and makeup. A light peel exfoliates away dead skin cells. Those with acne scars get incredible results–reduced redness and gradual fading of ruptured capillaries in as little as 10 treatments!

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    How much should a facial cost?

    Starting at $70, facial treatments at our spa can help keep your skin healthy and radiant. Whether you’re looking for a light cleansing or prefer more in-depth microdermabrasion, we’ve got the perfect facial for you. Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day treat you want to share with that special someone in your life or just a regular day, we always have great deals!

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    Which facial is best for face?

    With a hydrafacial treatment at Blooming Beauty, expect the skin to be gently exfoliated, improving circulation and aiding in skin renewal while suctioning away impurities that have built up over time. And then have the serums that your skin needs applied. The result: a beautiful new layer of baby-soft texture with enviable luminosity for your best version of yourself!

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    What are the different types of facial treatments?

    Our Signature Hydrafacial was mostly designed for people that suffer from acne, rosacea and inconvenient skin issues. It remains popular because it restores youthful skin by lightening the complexion, reducing imperfections and revealing a fresher you. The whole process helps to produce collagen too which is what keeps our skin taut and firm as we age. 

    The Deluxe Hydrafacial: It’s been a long week and your skin knows it. So, skip the gym tonight and treat yourself to something special at her favorite spa. You deserve it! An hour of relaxing in-room ambiance with our all natural mix of scents that will let you relax, relieve stress and rejuvenate skin. This regenerative HydraFacial treatment includes everything the signature HydraFacial offers plus the booster serum of choice as per discussion/discretion with the aesthetician. It’s time for some pampering with this ultimate indulgence in beauty!

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    What is the best type of facial for aging skin?

    The Platinum Hydrafacial is all treatments in one. It has the signature and deluxe with serum booster and lymphatic drainage. This procedure also includes a mechanical facial massage that helps detoxify your lymphatic system to give you clear skin.

    Unleash your skin’s natural beauty without making any physical alterations! Finally, the solution for major skincare problems like acne, rosacea or other uneven tone. Reach true inner peace as we rehydrate dry patches, soothe redness or inflammation and nourish weakened tissue from your outside out – just like magic!

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    Is getting a facial worth it?

    Hundreds of our clients will answer with a definite yes to this question. Say goodbye to unpleasant pimple breakouts, dryness and premature aging. Say hello to the HydraFacial: a revolutionary, noninvasive procedure that may help treat a variety of skin conditions using patented hydration processes along with exfoliating microdermabrasion. 

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    How long does a facial last?

    The HydraFacial has become a must-have for skin care. This facial deeply cleans and exfoliates to leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, clearer and smoother than ever before! After enjoying this amazing treatment – which takes around 14 minutes – you will have softer and more radiant looking skin that’s ready to glow with health. Book now if you don’t want to miss out on our facial treatments starting at $70!

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    How often should you get a facial?

    The hydrafacial is a skin care breakthrough that can transform your skin from dull and lackluster to moisturized, rejuvenated, and vibrant! This facial uses the power of science to cleanse the pores deeply like never before, remove oil-based make-up from deep within pores. Millions are pronouncing themselves hooked on Hydrafacials as thanks to this incredible treatment they have clearer complexions with less acne breakouts. We recommend our clients to try one every three to four weeks to see the real, long lasting benefits!

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    Do facial treatments work on men?

    Absolutely! Although it is more common for women to obtain this procedure, many men also undergo facial treatments. All of Blooming Beauty treatments work equally well for both men and women.


What They Say

“I had the most AMAZING experience at Blooming Beauty Med Spa. They strive to make sure your visit is perfect and relaxing. I LOVE this place because of the personnel. Highly recommend Michelle! My skin is glowing since my facial! Throughout my experience, Michelle and Darlene were there for me and made sure I was relaxed and comfortable! Can’t wait to go back!!”

– Ashley Arafat

What a wonderful experience! The ladies were sweet, knowledgeable, and made me feel right at home. I got a facial with Michelle and I was so relaxed, and my skin glowed for days. I can’t wait until my next facial.”

– Vana Samuel

“Beautiful office and wonderful customer service! Dr. Dalaly and the whole staff made me feel right at home – not to mention I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you!”

– Natasha Baccari

“Dr. Dalaly and his team are beyond professional, kind and thoughtful in their approach. I had so many questions before going in for my first Medpsa experience but they walked me through every question I had and eased my stresses, from whether injectables are painful to how long they last to what a good long-term strategy would be for my ideal skincare routine. LOVE the gorgeous space too!”

– Kayla Borgen

“I discovered Blooming Beauty a few months ago through Instagram. My first appointment was for a hydrafacial. I’ve had many different kinds of facials throughout the years but this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend this service- your skin will feel brand new! I’ve also had the teeth whitening done. It was an easy 20 min appointment that brightened my teeth. Overall I’m very satisfied with this med spa and the professionalism of the staff!”

– Nicole Jarecz