Lash Lift

      • Finally, the treatment that will make wide-eyed people drool with envy (they won’t even need to wear mascara). 
      • If you were one of the lucky few who never struggled with length or thickness, congrats. 
      • For those of us who always wished for thicker and longer lashes, this is your chance at completely exposing your envy-worthy eye contact!
      • Lash lift are available for men

Beautiful and long lashes thanks to lash lift procedure


Give yourself the gift of transforming your tired, monotonous day into one rife with mystery and intrigue. Like an up-close old film picture or a black and white photo from Hollywood’s golden days, you’ll allow any scenario to unfold before your eyes in rich detail through our ultra-fine brush.

Give your eyes beautiful lashes through a lash lift procedure

Giving your eyes a lash lift with semi permanent, organic tinted lashes that’s applied by professionals is the new beauty trend and it’s more appealing than ever. The subtle enhancement of longer and voluminous eyelashes may be just what your gaze needs to make you stand out from the crowd.

Your lash lift will last up to 6-8 weeks because there’s no maintenance appointment in between treatments. We know life gets busy–and yes, eyelash extensions are great for a night out when you want to look extra gorgeous but can be high upkeep every day–that’s why we offer this revolutionary lash extension alternative that lasts only 1 hour (complete).

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    What is lash lift?

    The Lash Lift is a revolutionary new technique that gives you volume, curl, and length to your natural lashes in a matter of minutes. The lash lift process begins with applying a shield around the eye for protection and then carefully placing an adhesive on top of the shield. Next, one of our qualified technicians will apply a specially shaped silicone pad that curves over your natural lash line, softly lifting up each individual eyelash. Finally, you’ll experience instant gratification as any mascara residue will be dissolved away by the preservative-free formula used to achieve the salon quality results

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    Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

    Not at all. Actually it is a procedure for people who don’t like extreme procedures. If you’re looking for something a little less intense than extensions, then lash lifts are the way to go. Lash lifters allow your natural lashes at their own minimal level and won’t create texture, add color or contour/shape like full-blown extensions do If this is more what you had in mind but don’t want such high maintenance as with lash extensions check out our new “lashes without regret” packages!

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    What happens during a lash lift?

    You know you want to try a lash lift, but you may be imagined the process was something out of this world. We offer you an excellent service with plenty of options when it comes down to curl type. The therapist will make sure your lashes are completely mascara-free before getting started so all we do after treatment is shape up any remaining product residue from your actual eyelashes. Once you get into position, we apply what feels like one giant rubber pad right below where your natural lashes start at their roots for support as well as some serum—similarly comparable. This will shape them into that perfect curl!

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    Can you still wear mascara with a lash lift?

    Yes, you can! After 24 hours, you can beautify your lashes with mascara. The best way to keep your lashes looking their best is by using a non-waterproof mascara. It’s easier to remove than waterproof mascara, and it won’t strip the lash extensions of their moisture. Plus, you can use your favourite mascara without worrying about smudging or clumping!

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    Can I still curl my lashes after a lash lift?

    We recommend not to use it. With a lash lift, your lashes can go from droopy to gorgeous in minutes. Lash lifts are done by coating the ends of individual eyelashes with a polymer or silicone based product that hardens when it dries and holds them into place for up to 2-12 weeks without any need for touch ups! If you try using an eyelash curler after implementing this beauty treatment, it will be too extreme of a curl and may weaken and damage natural lashes.

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    How long after Lash Lift Can you shower?

    You must wait 24 hours after a lift to avoid any issues with the process. After your lashes have set for one day, you may wash your face like normal. Remember lash lifts are a safe and natural way to enhance your lash length, volume, curl and color. It’s an easy-to-apply treatment that lasts for weeks without smudging or flaking off like mascara. With just one visit to our salon you can have gorgeous lashes all day long!

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    Can I use micellar water on lash lift?

    I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this treatment sooner, it is so easy. Unlike other lash treatments you won’t have to worry about being sent home with a fussy conditioner and there’s no special make-up remover required which means your usual routine will be just as simple after the application. You should also note that for 24 hours following the procedure, do not get them wet, but afterwards, use your cleaning routine as always!

    Get ready to be showered with compliments about how beautiful your eyes look when you walk into work tomorrow morning! We know it sounds too good to be true but we promise it will only take 45 minutes of your time (or less) and you will love the results. Our technicians are here for you every step of the way so don’t hesitate – book now! 


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    Do lash lifts work on men?

    Absolutely! Although it is more common for women to obtain this procedure, many men also undergo lash lifts. All of Blooming Beauty treatments work equally well for both men and women.


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– Ashley Arafat

What a wonderful experience! The ladies were sweet, knowledgeable, and made me feel right at home. I got a facial with Michelle and I was so relaxed, and my skin glowed for days. I can’t wait until my next facial.”

– Vana Samuel

“Beautiful office and wonderful customer service! Dr. Dalaly and the whole staff made me feel right at home – not to mention I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you!”

– Natasha Baccari

“Dr. Dalaly and his team are beyond professional, kind and thoughtful in their approach. I had so many questions before going in for my first Medpsa experience but they walked me through every question I had and eased my stresses, from whether injectables are painful to how long they last to what a good long-term strategy would be for my ideal skincare routine. LOVE the gorgeous space too!”

– Kayla Borgen

“I discovered Blooming Beauty a few months ago through Instagram. My first appointment was for a hydrafacial. I’ve had many different kinds of facials throughout the years but this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend this service- your skin will feel brand new! I’ve also had the teeth whitening done. It was an easy 20 min appointment that brightened my teeth. Overall I’m very satisfied with this med spa and the professionalism of the staff!”

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